I like fancy, nice looking things around that has profound and sacral meaning. While I despise boring consumer crap that harms our environment. So I am achieving my ambition of a  PHD study on how to build better, people-oriented products and product ecosystems in a fancy and nice-looking way. This is thought collection and journey notes on my realizations, researches I want to share, business philosophies, and plans to save the world or at least how to make it beautiful. 

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Every story, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is my beginning. A short story on the fact that I quit a job I would never dream about to have and started to chase knowledge and ideas that I was always curious about. A passion for understanding user behaviour, business philosophy, and getting a PHD.
Trends are everywhere around us – you just can escape them. So the best strategy is to learn them, so next time you spot one you know what to do with them. This article is a perfect beginning describing the type, duration, and strategies around them.